Vietnam`s Climate can be divided a tropical and a temperate zone. It is characterized by strong monsoon influences, has a considerable amount of sun, a high rate of rainfall, and high humidity that makes it sometimes feel quite uncomfortable. Regions located near the tropics and in the mountainous regions have a slightly cooler, more temperated climate.

The annual average temperature ranges from 22°C to 27°C year-round. There are almost no significant differences in temperature in the southern parts of Vietnam, while the northern regions can be quite cold in the winter. There are essentially four distinct seasons, which are most evident in the northern provinces.

There are two distinguishable seasons in the southern areas. The cold season occurs from November to April and the hot season from May to October. The northern parts of vietnam have essentially four distinct seasons, it can be quite cool in the winter there, but very warm in summer.

Required clothing:
Lightweight cotton clothing is advised throughout the year, with an umbrella or raincoat for sudden cloudbursts. Be prepared for high temperatures and humidity in the summer, no matter where you go. A sweater and warmer clothing are needed in the winter in the northern parts of Vietnam, and in the mountainous areas.

Koeppen-Geiger classification:
The Climate of southern Vietnam can be classified as Aw climate, a hot, tropical climate with all months above 18°C and a dry period in the winter. the norethern parts of Vietnam have a Cwa Climate, a temperated climate with the warmest month over 22°C, the coldest month between 18°C and -3°C and a dry period in the winter.