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Tiempo Aplicación

WeatherOnline offers worldwide city forecasts as well as weather maps.

Android FREE Version: Contains Advertisement, limited to one forecast location, no GPS-Location
Android FULL/PAID Version accessible via the FREE Version. Premium features: No ads, save up to 10 locations, weather for GPS-Location.
radar continent
radar country
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  • Radar
    • Loop
    • View pictures step by step
    • Level: Continente; País; Región (Radar only available for Reino Unido, Irlanda, Francia, Países Bajos, Bélgica, Alemania, España, EUA and Australia).
  • Mapas
    • Visión general
    • Tmáx
    • Tmín
    • Presión superficial
    • Precipitación
    • 3 Day Forecasts

mobile forecast 1-4 days
mobile forecast 5-6 days
mobile forecast 9-12 days
mobile forecast next 12 hours
mobile current weather

  • Ciudades
    • 1-12 días:
      Tmáx; Tmín; Tiempo -Mañana; -Tarde; -Noche; Riesgo de lluvia; Precipitación; Dirección del viento y Fuerza promedia del viento -Mañana; -Tarde; -Noche; Índice UV; Horas de sol; Salida del sol; Puesta del sol; Salida de la luna ; Puesta de luna;
    • 12 hrs Forecast in 3 hrs intervals:
      Temperatura; Dirección del viento; Fuerza promedia del viento; Humedad relativa; Tiempo; Horas de sol; Ráfagas de máxima intensidad;
    • Estado actual:
      Temperatura; Tiempo; Precipitación; Visibilidad; Viento -Velocidad; -Ráfagas; -Rumbo; Humedad relativa; Nubosidad; Base de las nubes; Presión al nivel del mar; -Tendencia; Altura de nieve;
    • Locate your current position
    • Choose units (C/F, km/miles)
    • Up to 10 locations at a time

mobile weather maps
mobile temperature (max) map
mobile temperature (min) map
mobile pressure map
mobile rain map

  • Update periods
    • City: 1-12 Day Forecast every 6 hrs, 1/2 Day Forecast every 3 hrs, Current Weather Info varies between 30 min and 6 hrs, Radar: 5min (UK), 15 min (Europe), 1hrs (USA, Australia). Maps every 6hrs.
  • Timezone
    • Location Forecast: local time at the forecast location. All other times according to the preset time for the device.
  • Please note
    • Language: English
    • Go to to verify availability of the requested location, map, radar image.
    • In case specific radar images are missing please click reload.
    • Send your questions and feedback to
        [email protected], subject weather app
        [email protected], subject weather app
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